Views From 35000 ft Above Ground

Not often the flight trip provides clear views of land below all through. During the recent trip on Delhi Singapore on the morning flight, we were blessed with great views.

The start was on a foggy Delhi morning, but as soon as we moved higher, the Himalayas came in view. The views remained till we reached as far as Sundarbans, Bangladesh. The most clear views of the whole range was when we flew over Lucknow and Dhaulagiri and Annapurna in full beauty shinning bright. The mighty Kanchandzonga with the distinct pyramid shape is clear for a long distance all the way past Kolkata. The view of sleeping Buddha was also clear while flying over Durgapur. This made me remember the recent Sandakphu Trek.

The fun of flying over hometown can be described. Durgapur was clear and beautiful from the flight. I remember those winters of childhood when we used to play cricket in afternoon and occasional flights moved through the blue skies.

The scenes changed when we reached the Sundarbans. The delta is really huge and the muddy waters mixed miles into the Bay of Bengal. The human encroachment of the delicate geographical site is clearly visible.

Soon we moved closer to the Malay peninsula, flying over Burma and then moving towards east coast of Thailand and Malaysia. We flew over Pulau Perhentain and it was nice to see the islands one more time.

There are many flights which can boast great views, but the variety in this journey and clear views really amazed us.

Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalaya as seen while flying over Lucknow, India. Dhaulagiri is 8th and Annapurna is 10th highest peak in the world and in Nepal.
Mt. Everest on left side and Kanchandzonga on right as seen while flying over the Bengal Jharkhand border. Mt. Everest is highest mountain while Kanchandzonga is 3rd in the world. Kanchandzonga is easily identifiable due to its pyramid shape.
Durgapur. Seen below is the western half of the city with A and B Zone on centre, Benachity on left and City Centre on right side. My college NIT Durgapur is also visible clearly. The GT Road runs through the centre of the city.
Durgapur. Seen below is Bidhannagar, ABL, City Centre and MAMC.
Kanchandzonga and Damodar River with Durgapur and Panagarh in single frame.
Sundarbans, world largest mangrove delta.
Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia. We were here last winter.

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