Viva Mexico

End of 2019 visited Mexico for the first time. Before the trip started safety emails and news of cartels and violence and netflix shows painted a picture of the country. Frankly speaking i was really scared at one point to embark on the journey.

I was finishing my trip to Milazzo Italy with amazing views and great food and wine. After this the thought of visiting a hostile nation did not make a good choice. My flight plans took me directly from the Mediterranean coast to icy cold Germany and then took a flight all the way to Mexico City.

The flight from Munich to Mexico City is a long 11 hours flight. The starting 8 hours i slept at ease and then finally started talking to my co passenger about mexico. She was flying back to Guadalajara, another big city in Mexico. I told her about my apprehensions about Mexico. She told the problem lies more on the northern border with USA and less pronounced in smaller cities like Salina Cruz which i will be visiting. First positive sign.

Finally landed in Mexico City at early morning and the immigration is easy. If Indians have a US or Schenzen VISA, then no VISA for mexico is required. The next flight to Huatulco was after few hours and spent the time at the lounge.

Finally boarded the next flight and arrived at Huatulco. What happened after that for the next 5 weeks? Check the video below.

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Viva Mexico

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