Because it is the best thing in the world!  | Because you and breathe under water!  | Because you can swim with the fish!

Because you can defy gravity!  | Because its beautiful! |  Because 70% of our home is water!  |Because its cool!

Our Explorations Underwater



From Raja Ampat to Komodo islands, from Bunaken  to Tulamben, from Togian to Gili, you can continue to look around for world class scuba diving and there will be more to explore. Indonesia is gifted with breathtaking dive sites and we are amazed. The dive sites are ranging from easy in Bali and Gili to drift dives of Raja Ampat where huge Manta will swim with you. Togian is difficult to reach but more difficult to leave once you dive. Indonesia is the country to visit to dive.


Koh Tao is the destination to learn scuba dive. Koh Tao boasts most number of diver training anywhere in the world. The dives are for all levels and all year round. Make sure you dive in Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinncale the top two dives sites of the gulf. The western Andaman Sea is also a diver favourite with Surin and Similan Islands visited on live-aboards and the tourist friendly Phi-Phi where shops boasts guaranteed shark sightings.


Pulau Perhentian islands in the gulf of Thailand is just shy of the border with Thai is Malaysia’s answer to Koh Tao. The twin islands with beautiful reefs and cheap scuba dive lessons makes it a paradise for scuba divers. However the real dives of Malaysia are in Sipandan, Borneo where the best dive conditions of world exist and undoubtedly stunning life can be seen in all dives. Sipandan is so famous and busy that a booking as early as 6 months is needed to guarantee a scuba dive.


Well we learnt to dive in Houston and thanks to the lessons we took in the pool and lake made us reach the beautiful clear waters of Florida. There are great scuba dives in Florida and some amazing sites in pacific coast too. Heard of high altitude scuba diving in Colorado and may be we explore that one day. the Florida Keys are undeniably the best dives of the country. We thank Max Scuba, Houston for the best lessons of our life.

Best place to learn?

Undoubtedly Koh Tao, Thailand and Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.

Which one is better?

We have dived in Florida, USA; Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi, Thailand; Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. The best we have seen till now are in Koh Tao for variety of life under water. Though the life is not so amazing in Bali, we did see our first Turtle there. Chumphon Pinnacle, Koh Tao (advance divers) is our best dive site till now followed closely by Temple Of The Sea, Perhentian (advance divers).




Bali – Bali Diving Academy: Beautiful arrangement made for a short 3 day trip in short notice. Thanks to them for the beautiful memories. Tulamben is where we dived and this being a small village we did dive all sites in 2 days. Best being the famous Liberty Wreck followed by the Drop Off.

Perhentian – Ombak Dive Resort: Amazing dive shop with resort. Nice equipment, instructors are great and nice food too. Make sure you dive in Temple of the sea. This dive site is simply amazing and regarded best in the area. We dived in Coral Bay, Sea Bell, Lighthouse, D’Lagoon and Temple of the sea.

Koh Tao – Coral Grand Divers: Nice boat, amazing instructors, good resort and will return again. We dived at Twin Rocks, Japanese Garden, White Rock and Chumphon Pinnacle (not seen in map but towards NW from Nangyuan Island). the best regarded dive site is Chumphon Pinnacle.

Upcoming Trips


Flores, Indonesia

Enter the world where the prehistoric giants still roam free and dive into the rich underwaters of Komodo.

Bali, Indonesia

Refresh this body and mind in Ubud ( medicine ) and  explore the rich Hindu culture of the Island.

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