Sat Tal or Sattal is located at the heart of Lake District of Kumaon, Uttarakhand. The area around Nainital and Sattal in particular is a bird watcher paradise. This time was our second visit to the area. We have been to Sattal and Pangot in the past.

Plan Your Trip

How to reach Sattal?

Sattal is located 27 kms from Kathgodam (1 hr by car) and 22 kms from Nainital (1 hr by car). Take train from New Delhi or Kolkata to Kathgodam.

You can fly to Pantnagar, the nearest airport (61 kms or 2 hrs by car).

While driving to Sattal, take the left turn at Mehragaon after Bhimtal and before Bhowali. The drive is great.

Best time to visit Sattal?

This is an year round destination. Winters are extremely cold while in monsoon expect heavy downpours.

Where to stay in Sattal?

At Sattal there are two hotels by the lake – KMVN Toursit Rest House and Country Inn Sattal. Other hotels are near the lake and a little drive away. Country Inn costs around Rs 4500 per couple with breakfast and dinner. The stay is good while food is a dampener.

Photography Tips

Carry a sturdy tripod for pictures from hideouts. For trekking trips carry a monopod.

The hotspot in Sattal is shown below in the aerial shot. Take the stairs down the dam on the left side if you are going away from Sattal. Go about 100 m and you will see a small concrete structure. There are lots of birds in this trail.

Also try to rent a boat and take shots of birds behind the church and near the shop on the back side of the lake.


I can see something...

Birding Guides – Prabhu and Vicky. Want the contact numbers? Send us a message.

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