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This page is nothing but a collection of inspirational stories of the great journeys we took on the road. No matter who you are – youthful or more mature, solo or with a family in tow – the open road is irresistible to travelers. All the below road trips are taken by us at some point of time in last 10 years and hope that some day our dream trips do take place in the near future.


Start // Shimla    |   End // Manali  |   Distance // 620 kms


The road trip from Shimla to Manali, India crosses the mighty Himalayas on to the rain shadow area to cross of mighty passes before crossing back the Himalayas to green Manali. This epic road trip is for real adventure seekers and the beauty of the region will leave you spellbound. Experience some of the sweetest apples on the way while the balcony from the road provides views which are priceless. Stay at home stays and experience the welcoming community of Spiti. The water crossings (literally there are no roads at some sections and you drive on the river) will make the bravest soul think twice before proceeding. This trip is best done in summer months while winter the complete circuit cannot be done due to road closure.

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Start // Jackson   |   End // Mammoth  |   Distance // 400 kms


Grand Teton is alpine landscapes, craggy peaks and sublime lakes. If you drive north, you enter the world of of Yellowstone which boasts half of world geysers while the cascading waterfalls and out of the world landscapes are perfect for the american wildlife. Elk, bison, big horn sheep,  moose and numerous predators makes this the Serengeti of Americas. If there is one place you must visit in USA, then this is it.

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American South West

Start from LA to drive through Death Valley and reach Las Vegas. Head north towards the cliffs of Zion National Park before heading west towards Monument Valley. Head south to see the deep gorges of Colorado in Page and admire the horse shoe bend. Move through the beautiful landscapes and enter the world of Grand Canyon and admire the depths. Head west to cross the legendary Hoover Dam to end the trip in Las Vegas.


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  • Florida Keys – Miami to Key West, USA
  • Great Smoky Mountains – Cherokee to Gatlinburg, USA
  • Country roads of North Michigan and Wisconsin for fall colors, USA
  • Mumbai to Goa on the coastal highway, India
  • 7 mile drive in California, USA

Our Bucket List 

Southern Alps, New Zealand

Carretera Austral, Chile

The epic circle, Iceland

Crossing the Kalahari, Namibia

Weekend Trips From Delhi

Living in Delhi has added advantage. The location itself allows you to indulge in multiple weekend trips and never repeat anyone for a year. Here are some options from our trips around the capital of India.


Chakrata | Dhanaulti | LansdownePangot Sattal | Binsar | Corbett

Himachal Pradesh

Shimla | Macleodganj | Kangra Valley | Manali | Kasol | Kinnaur


Jaipur | Bharatpur | Ranthambhore

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