Indonesia is a world in itself. There are more than 17000 islands of which about 8000 are inhabited and more than 300 languages are spoken. This is world’s fourth most populous country and drapes the equator for more than 5000 kms. The land is so vast and rich that a year is less for exploring the country.


The crown jewel of Indonesia. The hotspot for surfing and luxury vacation and  awesome connections to almost everywhere. Do not stop just in the mainland and the hot spots of Kuta and Ubud. Venture out to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida for the white beach which people dream of in Bali. The diving in these sister islands of Bali is amazing with Manta and Mola Mola. A speed boat ride little further east will take you to the three idyllic islands of Gili. Take a boat and then the dramatic road trip and boat to the legendary Komodo Islands.


The islands which looks as if a cloth has been torn apart by a wild cat is still wild and some of the best diving are here. Start your trip either in the southern corner at Makassar, where you will speand atleast a night before heading north towards Toraja. Alternatively the trip can start north in the Manado with scuba diving at the famous Bunaken Islands. Central of Sulawesi lies a hidden gem which is difficult to reach but more difficult to leave because of stunning beauty underwater. Yes Togean islands are the best kept secret of Sulawesi.


The main island where its more of big cities and connections to other islands, but in between lies the buddhist heritage of Borobudur in centre and the out of the world scene of Mt. Bromo in the east. Most people enter via Jakarta or Surabaya and then head to Yogja or Borobudur for a different experience. Take a train to resort town of Malang just south of Surabaya and then hike up the volcanic crater of Mt. Bromo. Further east lies Mt. Ijen whose crater is famous for blue lava.


The huge island is still wild and most part still out of reach, is a great place to spot wildlife and some unexplored dive destinations. Still most parts of the island are primitive. On the north eastern corner lies beautiful diving destination Derawan. You can dive here in lakes with jelly fish while the sea is full with fish and other life. The national parks of south are best for monkeys. Kalimantan is one of the biggest island in the world and Indonesian part is still remote compared to the norther Malaysia and Brunei.


Why visit Indonesia?

Which one do you love – Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Volcano, Temples, Scuba Diving, Luxury Resorts, Food or everything. Then Indonesia is the country you should visit.

How many days?

You have to decide what you want to see first and how much time you have. Trips can range from a week in Bali with relaxation to multi week to months to explore the islands of Java, Sulawesi and Flores.

What are the top destinations of Indonesia?

Beach -> Bali – Gili & Flores

Hiking -> Bromo & Ijen Crater in Java – Batur in Bali – Rinjani in Lombok

Scuba Dive -> Raja Ampat in Maluku- Komodo islands in Nusa Tenggara – Bunaken and Togian in Sulawesi – Gili in Nusa Tenggara

Culture -> Bali – Yogyakarta in Java


Indians do not need VISA for a 30 day tourism visit to Indonesia. In this case the port of entry has to be as per the list of airports ( Bali – Denpasar, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado) and probably you will only use this as your port of entry unless you take ship to enter the country)

Common Bahasa Phrases

  • Selamat Pagi: Good morning.
  • Selamat Siang: Good afternoon.
  • Selamat sore: Good evening.
  • Selamat malam: Good night.
  • Apa kabar?: How are you? – Kabar baik: I’m good.
  • Terima kasih: Thank you.
  • Sama Sama: You are welcome.
  • Yes/No: Ia/ Tidak.

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