Hands down, this is my favourite country. Trying to list all the reasons to visit Indonesia is a nearly impossible, and never ending task.

This is the world’s fourth most populous country which runs for about 5000 kms along the equator from Bay of Bengal all the way to Australia. The culture and food and language and geography are widely different as you move from island to island.

I hope this in-depth Indonesia travel guide will help you plan an incredible adventure to these islands and if you have any questions just comment below.

Indonesia in numbers – 17000 islands, 300 languages, myriad adventures

Our experiences


You may have heard a lot of family and friends going on a vacation to Bali. Bali is the most famous destination in Indonesia. Bali is one island, many destination. You can loose yourself in chaotic Kuta or dive in to the pleasures of sublime high end Nusa Dua. Ubud, the heart of the island is famous for culture while north and west Bali is more for diving. Whatever may be your liking, you are likely to find it in Bali.

In the age of Instagram, there are few places which keeps popping up on the screen very frequently and undoubtedly the view from top of Padar island in Komodo National Park is one of them. This amazing destination is becoming a hotspot and expected to be the next Bali in Indonesia. If you love landscapes, wild animals, stunning beaches, snorkeling and awesome scuba diving, then this has to be your destination.

When we used so many adjectives for a destination, it has to be great. The place really lives up to the adjectives.