Hiking in Kalimantan

http://gentlewellnesscenter.com/service/blog/2015/01/02/feel-good-friday---skinny-gut-smoothie This time again on a trip to Kalimantan Timur, Borneo i did a small hike in Sungai Wain. Sungai Wain protected forest occupies ~10,000 hectares of swamp forest, lowland forest and mangrove. The lucky ones will see orang-utan, sun bears and proboscis monkey. There are 4 defined trails in the park and we did hike the trail 2 which takes about 1 hr. Expect to get your boots wet. Remember to wear full sleeve while inside the forest.

follow Sungai Wain is about 35 kms from Balikpapan Airport and takes 1 hr depending on traffic. The guide charges Rp 100,000 per hour.

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