Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek

Hampta Pass and Chandratal Trek

I will say Hampta Pass and Chandratal Hike is an easy hike. This is purely my experience however the conception can change from people to people.

Reaching The Trail Head

From Kashmiri Gate ISBT, Delhi I took a Volvo to Manali. The bus cost me Rs 1700 and departed at 8 PM. I reached Manali at 11:30 AMM next day. I already booked a taxi to take me to Sethan Village which is above Manali and few miles before the start of the trek. The taxi cost me Rs 800. I stayed at Whoopers Hostel Manali and the dorm bed cost me Rs 450.

Next day I hitched a ride to the end of road at Jobri. I started my hike from there.

Devi Singh (Taxi from Manali to Sethan) +91 9816474036

Trek Route

Day 1 – Jobri to Chika

The trek started from Jobri at the end of road near the dam. Just after the shops selling tea and lunch, the trail climbs through the forest to reach a bridge over a stream. The trail climbs from here all the way till Jobri campsite. There is a small bridge after the campsite and the trail continues on the true right of the river. Chika is an easy 4kms hike and can be completed in an hour and half. The trail is missing and difficult to locate at places, particularly in the river bed section

A tea shop (parachute tent) is available in Chika. I stayed at this place as it was raining in the evening and I was in no mood to set up the tent.

The owner charged Rs 200 for the stay. Food was good. There is enough camping options at Chika and water is avaibale. There is a beautiful waterfall just few yards above the campsite.

Telephone network of BSNL is intermittently available if you hike little above Chika back towards the trailhead.

Day 2 – Chika to Balu Ghera

From Chika the trail climbs steadily along the true right of the river and continues beside a small waterfall which can be tricky during heavy rain. At the end of the gorge section, the trail opens up and on the right there is a large valley. There is a substantial stream which needs to be crossed before entering the valley. From here the trail moves along all the way to the campsite of Balu ka Ghera.

The trail is easy walk with moderate difficulty in water crossings. Water is easily available at Balu Ka Ghera campsite.

The views at the end of the valley towards the pass are incredible. The whole valley is full of flowering plants and is a botanist delight. The trek is 6 kms and should not take more than 3 hrs to complete.

No food and shelter is available at Balu Ka Ghera. Own camping and food arrangements needs to be made.

Sunrise from Chika

Day 3 – Balu Ghera to Shea Goru

From Balu ka Ghera the trail climbs towards the wetland below the pass. From here the trail becomes rocky and barren and climbs steadily. The river needs to be crossed several times and the climbs is moderate in nature. The pass remains invisible and can be seen only at the end, just few yards short of it.

There is a campsite near the start of the climb but the land is sandy giving the name to the place. From the pass the trail steeply goes down towards the Shea Goru campsite. The views are brilliant.

The campsite of Shea Goru is the most breathtaking campsite on the whole trail. It is also the coldest campsite. Shea Goru means cold place.

There is a bridge to cross the river at the end of the climb from the pass. From here the trail to Chatru (end of trek) is an easy walk. It is possible to complete the trek in the same day. But it is recommended to stay at Shea Goru and enjoy the beautiful location.

The trek is about 9 kms long and takes 3.5-4 hrs to complete. The trail is moderate.

Day 4 – Shea Goru to Chatru

Shea Goru to Chatru is an easy walk and it is possible to catch the bus to Kaza or Manali if someone starts early at 6 AM. The bus leaves Chatru near 9 AM. The views from the trail are brilliant and takes around 2-3 hrs to complete. Food and stay is available in Chatru.

Day 5 – Batal to Chandratal

The trail from Batal to Chandratal is easy walk on a road. From the end of road, the trail climbs to the holy lake of Chandratal. The round trek takes around an hour to complete. The views from the trek are brilliant. Campsite with food is easily available at Chandratal and Batal.

How to do it your self

I had all may stuff – Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mattress, Stove and Gas, Food, Clothes etc. It is necessary to have all items to perform this trek as do it yourself trek.

Stay is available at Chika and Chattru, Batal, Chandratal.

If you are fit, this trek can be done in 3 Days. Day 1 reach Chika. Day 2 reach Balu Ghera and camp. Day 3 finish at Chattru. Food and stay is ample at Chandratal. so essentially you need for and night shelter for Balu Ghera.

Most people walk to Chandratal and just take few photos and return. Do not miss out the parikrama. The package tours rush it. The hikers reach Chattru and then they are driven to Chandratal for a photo opportunity before returning to Chattru. This leads to missing out a beautiful evening and the amazing views while walking to and around Chandratal.

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