Pulau Dua

Pulau Dua or Isle of Two is located on the far eastern shores of central Sulawesi. This two small stony outcrops are just a few miles away from the shores of Balantak, a sleepy fishing village on the mainland.It is highly unlikely that you as a non Indonesian will ever…

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Diving Bali Video

In August 2017 we dived in Bali. Here is a small video of the dive with the huge Humphead Parrot fish of the waters around Bali.

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You can read the complete story here Bali Bliss

Bali Bliss

Beautiful green rice terraces, huge surf waves, Hindu temples, charming people and awesome dives is what defines Bali.

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Luwuk Sulawesi

Well all we can say about Luwuk located in Sulawesi is that this is a quaint laid-back town in the north-central corner of the island.

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