Diving Bali Video

In August 2017 we dived in Bali. Here is a small video of the dive with the huge Humphead Parrot fish of the waters around Bali.

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You can read the complete story hereĀ Bali Bliss


The visit to NYC this year made us remember the great trip in 2009. Go through the pictures of the vibrant city of the world.

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Pensacola Destin

The white sands of the Pensacola and Destin is brilliant. Add to that the wreck dive and shore dives and it makes a great vacation destination.

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Bali Bliss

Beautiful green rice terraces, huge surf waves, Hindu temples, charming people and awesome dives is what defines Bali.

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Luwuk Sulawesi

Well all we can say about Luwuk located in Sulawesi is that this is a quaint laid-back town in the north-central corner of the island.

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We stayed for a year and never got bored. This is a wonder for architecture and city life. The postcards below show the beauty of the city.

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Houston is a great city to live in. Many attractions around makes the weekend a fun time. Explore the city through postcards.

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Osaka Dotonbori

One of Osaka’s most popular tourist destinations, this street runs parallel to the Dotonbori canal. It is a popular shopping and entertainment district.

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