The old Thai capital of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most impressive ruined cities in Asia, and a must-see for history buffs visiting Thailand.

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Pulau Dua

Pulau Dua or Isle of Two is located on the far eastern shores of central Sulawesi. This two small stony outcrops are just a few miles away from the shores of Balantak, a sleepy fishing village on the mainland.It is highly unlikely that you as a non Indonesian will ever…

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Diving Bali Video

In August 2017 we dived in Bali. Here is a small video of the dive with the huge Humphead Parrot fish of the waters around Bali.

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You can read the complete story here Bali Bliss


The visit to NYC this year made us remember the great trip in 2009. Go through the pictures of the vibrant city of the world.

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